Angela & Dawei

26 March 2017
Warrandyte | Australia

- Autumn -

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The Wedding Day

Different Cultures - Different Traditions One reason, why we love Melbourne so much, is its diversity of nationalities and cultures. And we are grateful, that we have the chance to capture weddings from so many cultural backgrounds. Last weekend we were able to join Angela & Dawei for their wedding celebration, filled with lots of Asian customs. Early in the morning, we started with the preparations at the groom and bride's parents houses, before Dawei and his groomsmen made their way to the house of Angela's parents. Once arrived there, they had to undergo some bridal games. We had a few Asian weddings in the past already and every time we get to know some new bridal games, which are always fun to watch and capture with our camera. First up, the groom had to sing a song, followed by presenting little red envelopes filled with money. Once the bridesmaids were convinced that the groom can financially take care about his future bride, the groom had to show by eating different flavoured foods (sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy), that he has the ability to cope with what ever marriage may bring. They managed to do so and were allowed to enter the house. Inside it continued with the boys having to colour their lips with lipstick, holding the lipstick in their mouth. Very funny to watch. Afterwards they had to do pushups above a paper and paint a heart on it with their coloured lips. They completed this task and had to sing again, before Dawei was allowed to open the door and see his bride-to-be. Angela, dressed in a very traditional Asian dress and jewellery, welcomed him happily. This was followed by a traditional tea ceremony for the parents and grandma of Angela. Afterwards we had a bit of a break and time to eat a little lunch, before we drove back to Daweis parents house, where the wedding car was going to pick up the couple. The morning traditions were followed by a ceremony and reception at the beautiful venue of Potter's Reception in Warrandyte. Upon arrival at the location, we captured some portraits of the couple with the Chinese traditional dress, just before Angela got changed into her white wedding dress for the ceremony, which followed at the beautiful chapel of the venue, filled completely by the families and friends of the couple. Capturing the union of this two lovely humans was a pleasure, even more to capture more portraits after the ceremony and yet, another dress change for the reception. The evening was filled with laughter, more bridal games and singing of the bride for the groom, who followed her example and tried his best, but couldn't get near the beautiful voice of his wife. They even stunned everyone with a gracious performance for their first dance together as husband and wife. What a beautiful day! Yes, it was a long and busy day for us, but having such lovely people around makes it so much easier! Thanks Dawei & Angela for choosing us, it was a great pleasure to tell your story with our photos. Marco & Kate

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