Drive thru weddings may be the best way to get married during COVID-19

Adelaide | Australia

Posted By: Wedding Vault, Saturday, May 30, 2020

While thousands of soon-to-be-wed couples across the globe are hit with the COVID-19 curveball, one new Australian business is bringing nuptial joy to couples across Australia with their “would you like vows with that?” tag line.

I do drive thru launched in April 2020 by four Melbourne based celebrants aimed to service the industry even during the coronavirus pandemic. After all, marriages are considered an essential service and these ladies have found a way to conduct them in a novel yet safe way.

At the time of publishing this article Australia has implemented a five-person restriction on weddings during COVID-19, which would include the couple, an officiant and two witnesses, which I do drive thru are taking under their belt.

Servicing Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and growing, the I do drive thru team understand there are other factors at play beyond wanting to get married. Legal reasons, wills and estates, medical decisions and finalising visa or spousal applications with a deadline attached are just some reasons people still need to get married.

To get further insights, we spoke to Wedding Vault vendor Lauren The Celebrant and Adelaide’s first marriage officiant to join the I do drive thru team.

Q: So, how does I do drive thru work? “ Simply put, couples choose a favourite location, arrive in a car (or on foot or however) to meet their celebrant along with their two witnesses. They can choose to stay in the car or get out – it’s completely up to them!”

Q: Why are couples choosing to get married now? “Beyond the legal, medical and visa reasons as mentioned above, there is a real mix. Some couples have been engaged for years and finally want to do it, others find it’s an affordable option and others like the novel component of a drive thru wedding.”

Q: What made you join the I do drive thru team? “Mel Jacobs is a co-founder and great friend and fortunately we’re on the same wave-length. When the opportunity came up, of course I said yes!”

Q: What does it cost to get married? “Ceremonies start at $400 for a weekday service and $500 on a weekend. We’ve also partnered with some talented photographers, florists and other service providers to make your ceremony hassle free. We can even livestream your service to your families and friends!”

Q: What ceremony locations can couples choose from? “Couples can either choose their own special location or head to our website for a full list of their recommended ceremony locations near them.” 

Q: What has been the craziest or out-there thing you’ve experienced as a celebrant? “ Marrying a couple in an 80s limousine, live on Nova 91.9 radio station with Ben and Liam. It was hectic but absolutely great fun and out of the ordinary fabulous.” Here’s a link to listen in.

Q: What pre work is required by the couples? “When you enquire and book, you’ll need to sign a notice of intended marriage. From the time of submitting it, you’ll need to wait one full month before you can be legally married.”

Q: How does a couple book with I do drive thru? “Couples can simply head to the website and fill out their form, or speak to Mel directly.”

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