Main Picture: Romantic Texas Sailboat Wedding Inspiration

Romantic Texas Sailboat Wedding Inspiration

Dallas | United States

Posted By: Carla, Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Wedding Styles: Nautical, Romantic, Sailboat
Wedding Season: Summer
Submitted By: Lyndi Ruth Photography

Fine art wedding photographer Lyndi Ruth felt inspired to create this dreamy waterside wedding photoshoot in her Texas hometown. She lives next to the dock where the styled wedding shoot took place and had often dreamed about capturing lovely couples wanting a sailboat wedding.

Lyndi has made the wedding photos look effortless, but photographing on a sailboat takes a lot of patience and skill. She recommends having a dedicated team and strong leadership skills to make a boat photoshoot work.

“You need to have good balance, a loud voice, and a team that believes in your vision. I was standing on another boat directing my boat driver where to go, the sailboat captain where to have the boat, and directing the couple how to pose, all while holding my own balance on the boat and changing my lens.”

We have Corinthian Sailing Club to thank for the classic sailboat backdrop at the quaint Texas harbor. Florist Must Like Flowers created model (and photographer) Kathryn Akomah-Mordi’s romantic bouquet with soft cream roses, greenery, and dusty yellow flowers. Tease to Please Hair and Makeup gave her a fresh and warm bridal look complementing her soft wave hairstyle.

WE LOVE: The exquisite lace mermaid wedding gown by Willow by Watters supplied by Stardust Celebrations. The sheer, delicate lace billows down to a fuller skirt like clouds floating in air. This wedding dress brings an ethereal, dreamy quality to the classic notes of the nautical wedding theme.

While this sailboat wedding photoshoot is breathtaking, there is more to admire about this Texan wedding photographer. Lyndi is helping create positive change in the world by giving back though her work.

“My photography business gives back. With every wedding that’s booked, a portion of the wedding income is donated to a nonprofit organization.”

Lyndi lived overseas and worked face-to-face with human trafficking victims and orphans. Her experience left her wanting to make a change, with the faith that she could make a difference.

“Brides can see on my website the different causes I support and can choose one that resonates with them. It means a lot to me to make sure I’m giving back with every wedding!”

Lyndi hopes that by showing other businesses how she gives back, she can inspire more entrepreneurs and business owners to do the same. She became a wedding photographer because she loves people and wants to use her business to empower others.

“You’ll never regret empowering someone else’s life. It helps you take a step back and remember what you’re doing. I shoot weddings because I love people. I want to continue donating because it reminds me of that.”

For small businesses interested in donating, Lyndi recommends researching nonprofit organizations before committing a donation. Don’t blindly donate. She says it’s best to talk directly to people who have been affected by the organization.

If you’re looking to make a difference in the wedding industry, Lyndi says the best advice she could give is to be yourself.

“No one can do what you do, like you do. So play, experiment, be free to create and don’t let the fear of ‘what will they think’ disable your ability to learn or try something different. Your competition is only yourself and your purpose is greater than your fear. At the end of the day, no one will remember you by your Instagram or job title, they’ll remember how you contributed to their lives and made it better.”

Thank you Lyndi for inspiring us with your stunning sailboat wedding shoot. We absolutely love it and your fine art photography!

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