Main Picture: Vendor Q&A: How To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding With I Do Paws

Vendor Q&A: How To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding With I Do Paws

Adelaide | Australia

Posted By: Carla, Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Photo Credit: Story Studio Adelaide

When it comes to including your dog in your wedding, savvy couples across Australia are finding new ways for their precious companions to take part. From ring bearer, flower pup, dog of honour, or a seated guest, these ideas can be realised by Emily Tromans, founder of I Do Paws.

We had the pleasure of meeting veterinary nurse, dog trainer and Wedding Vault vendor Emily about her dog minding wedding business. From the moment we met her, you could instantly feel how this business is like an extension of Emily herself. Her personality is like an old friend who you’ve not seen in years, that’s always warm, honest and is exactly the type of person you’d dream of looking after your precious pup on such a special occasion.

With first-hand experience in having their dog attend their own wedding, the idea for I Do Paws evolved while Emily and husband Ryan were on their honeymoon. Emily said:

“Having our Australian Shepherd Ace attend our wedding was a must, but a huge logistical and stressful experience which involved one of our guests driving our dog home between the ceremony and reception”.  

It was soon after their return that Emily realised there would be other couples who would want to include their dog with a hassle-free experience and so she put the wheels in motion to bring her idea of a dog minding wedding business to life.

I Do Paws take care of every aspect. From an initial meet and greet to ensure the dog is up for the challenge, to training them for their special role, grooming, walking, transportation and let’s not forget the treats!

Emily’s team have thought of everything; from arriving at your venue before your guests (so your dog is comfortable and familiar with the environment), to dog accessories which you can shop for online via their website.

I Do Paws currently services Adelaide and Melbourne with further expansion on the horizon. Emily’s team of eight veterinary nurses ensures your pup is in the best hands possible giving you and your dog a stress-free experience.

So what type of wedding venues allow dogs? Couples who include dogs at their wedding, are usually held at outdoor locations like wineries, beaches, gardens or backyard weddings. If you’re planning on having your dog attend your wedding, bear this in mind when you’re looking at venues to ensure they can meet your expectations.

Emily shares her top 5 tips if you’re thinking about including your dog in your wedding:

  1. Is this what your dog wants to do? An easy way to test them is to bring them along to the next family BBQ. See how they react around a big crowd, getting lots of attention etc. Did they handle it well? Did they get restless after a certain amount of time (this then becomes our wedding day timeline).
  2. Ensure your expectations about your dog’s involvement in the wedding are realistic: Don’t push your dog’s comfort level or their natural behaviour traits. If they’re not comfortable with kids, don’t have them walk down the aisle with the flower girl. If they’re a ‘see it, chew it’ type dog, perhaps ring bearer isn’t the best role for them.
  3. Check if the venue has any rules and regulations regarding dogs: Some venues have certain areas that dogs can’t go (vineyards, indoors etc) as well as food rules (dogs must leave once food is being served), restricting some of the ideas you may have.
  4. Ensure all your vendors are happy with your dog being involved: You obviously want your vendors to be comfortable on the day, so ensuring they like dogs is a must. Let your photographer know about your dogs involvement. Some photographers have extensive experience taking amazing photos of pets and they will be sure to capture your dog’s best angles.
  5. Ensure your dog is comfortable at all times and is well-handled around guests: Asking a guest to forgo their own wedding day experience to look after your pet may cause some issues. Hiring a professional to look after all your pets’ needs might be a better option. We will give your pet our undivided attention, so they remain calm and happy throughout the day so you and your guests can enjoy the day stress free, knowing they are in the next best set of hands possible.

Thank you, Emily for sharing your wonderful dog minding business with us. There are some very lucky couples and dogs out there who will be fortunate enough to get a booking with you and your wonderful team! See their Wedding Vault Vendor Listing here.

Photo Credits Below: Jerome Cole, Jessica Mary Photography, Dave Pascoe, Story Studio Adelaide, Evan Baily Photography & Matthew Dwyer Studio

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