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Simone Chehade And Timothy Sarris

6 April 2014
Adelaide | Australia

- Autumn -

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Our Love Story

It was your typical Adelaide story. Everyone knows everyone! So even after "meeting" at UniSA through a mutual friend, we realised that our cousins went to school together and were best mates. Timothy recounts seeing me driving to uni one day as he was crossing the street, and romanticises how he fell in love with me right then and there. I like to believe that is the truth. However, our story started begrudgingly as a friendship - begrudgingly because I hadn't wanted to be friends at all and he had wanted more! As time went on, the friendship grew stronger, and like swiftly turned into head-over-heels love. The kind that you know will overcome most any obstacle, and that you hope will last forever.

The Proposal

Timothy was taking me out for a nice lunch up at Bridgewater Mill, Petaluma for my birthday. This was not out of the ordinary, so far, nothing to have given it away. He had gone in ahead of time and pre-warned all the staff members and came up with a great plan. After being told that our table wasn't ready, it was suggested to us that we go for a walk around the area. This was something I jumped at the opportunity to do and raced outside to be amongst the gorgeous nature. Knowing me so well, as he does, he oh-so-calmly lured me along paths, through little "secret gardens" and onto the Heysen Trail, all the while making me feel as though I was leading the way! When we got to the top part of the Heysen Trail, beautiful view all around us and perfectly secluded, he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and the rest was a blur. Literally. So after he was standing and waiting for my answer, through stuttering and perhaps some tears, I managed to get out "I don't know what just happened, I couldn't hear what you said… Can you do that again!?" And so he did. Back down on one knee, and this time, I was sure to listen to every word.

Our Wedding Day

It was a true reflection of us. We had wanted to physically do as much as we could to contribute to our celebration, and put as much of ourselves into it as possible. We had not known specifically what we had wanted, all we knew is the feeling we wanted to create. A warm, inviting, happy, deeply romantic environment that embodied the two of us. It allowed us to be completely immersed in our day, and for it to feel so natural to us both. We had our ceremony at St. Patrick's church on Grote Street. It was a fusion of the traditional Maronite and Orthodox ceremonies. The excitement and anticipation of seeing each other for the first time that day made everything up to that point seem to take forever. After the ceremony, off we went with our awesome bridal party to the White House at Hahndorf. Stopping off for some photos along the way, we had arranged to have some chill-out time with our favourite people. The White House set up a beautiful long table in their secret garden, and along with nibbles and champagne, it provided the perfect moment to spend all together. Our reception was held at the National Wine Centre of South Australia. We loved being able to spend more time in their incredible outdoor area, and had made this the important centre of our evening celebrations. Making our entrance into the reception, accompanied by the "lebanese drummer" was an awesome experience for all involved. The feeling that we had worked so hard to capture was well and truly felt. We were blown away by how it had all come together, and being surrounded by all our loved ones made it a day, and night, that we will never forget.

Best Memories

As cliché as it sounds, the moment in the church when we first laid eyes on one another and were walking towards each other is something that just never leaves our mind. It was such a special moment, matched with our first official dance together. It felt like we were the only people in the room for those moments.

Photo Gallery


Special Thanks

Shona Henderson and I Do Cinema - our amazing photographer and cinematographers - the "project manager" of our day. Not only was the product you produced for us amazing, but you helped us to be able to just "be" in our day, and enjoy each other every moment. For that, we can never thank you enough.







Industry Vendors

National Wine Centre

" Fabulous service, incredible food, friendly staff.. 5 stars! "

Shona Henderson Photography

" Everything! The best. Thank you Shona. "

Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning - Prestige Preservations

" Best quality clean and last minute steam! "

Cassandra Mamone

" Meticulous attention to detail "


" Great attention to detail "

Natalie Najm

" Fabulous! "

Small Delights

" Most delicious and beautiful wedding cake ever. Thank you Anita. "

Brian Ruiz

" Phenomenal acoustic guitarist, and all round awesome guy. Incredible. "

I Do Cinema

" Masters of their craft. Thank you for capturing all our special moments. "

The Ink Room

" Meticulous attention to detail and true masters of creative finesse. "

Ceremony Venue

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