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Maria And Drew

20 June 2015
Burlington | United States

- Summer -

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Our Love Story

We actually met in High School and we were both on student council together. He asked me to prom and since he was a year older and that meant I would be able to go to prom I said yes! The rest is history, well sort of. He went to college on the west coast, I stayed on the east coast. We broke up but stayed in touch throughout college. After college I decided to take an AmeriCorps position in Portland, OR. where he happened to be living (wink wink) . We reconnected and have been together since. The first time we realized we were in love we were teenagers and it was our mutual love for sappy indie films. We realized we were in love as adults when we realized that we had missed laughing together.

The Proposal

We were living in Boston at the time. He surprised me with a weekend trip to Woodstock VT. I was extremely hungover from a work event from the night before and slept the whole ride. When we checked in at the Inn he suggested going on a walk, which I did not want to do since I was hungover, but we did. He tried to bring us to the river near a covered bridge, but it was a steep incline and there were portopotties right there. I got frustrated and suggested we just go back to the Inn. We went to sit down on some Adirondack chairs in the back and before i could close my eyes to take a quick nap, he got down on one knee.

Our Wedding Day

We worked really hard to make it meaningful and special to us. Our uncles married us in the backyard. Our vows were very personal and heartfelt and everyone cried. It was really more powerful than I thought it would be.

Best Memories

The best part of our wedding was having all of our friends and family together from all around the country - Seattle, Alaska, Hawaii - all come to Burlington, Vermont. We got married at a close family friends house and it was just a huge party that went well into the night with dancing and laughing.

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