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Wedding Vault registration is 100% free for married couples, engaged couples and wedding vendors.
It'll be easy once you get started! First of all, click on the Publish Wedding link and register with your email address and password or your social media account. Then our wizard will step you through the process- at the end you will need to press the Publish button on your dashboard.
The Wedding Vault editorial team will review your submission to ensure it meets our Terms of Service. If there are any essential details missing, we will contact you, but most of our Wedding Stories progress through to the site with minimal interruption and usually within 48 hours.
We need it so we can independently verify your identity and so we can ensure unique user profiles on Wedding Vault. We will not pass it on to any third party without your direct permission.
We hate spam, we promise we won't spam you! If you don't wish to receive any correspondence from us at all (other than password reset instructions, message notifications and other essential comms), you can uncheck the "Accept Offers" box from the "Edit Profile" page in your Dashboard.
Wedding Vault uses the absolute latest technology and is built to the highest possible security standards. All traffic is encrypted, and all data is stored in a secure facility.
We continue to evolve and improve the platform. We are undergoing a very rapid development phase and expect to release a bunch of new features in the near term that we will reveal as they enter the final stages of development.

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